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2012 Ghost Hunt Investigations are looking good for us! Looks like a really good year for the MS4 Team! Hows your looking?

Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society

Mission Statement

Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society is a non-profit organization based out of West Virginia. Our goal is to help those understand the events taking place in their lives and educate them and help them better understand the activity in which they might be experiencing.
We take a scientific and common sense approach when we are investigating somewhere. We always have tried to debunk events that are occuring first, before we make any conclusions. But, if we can't explain it then. It might just be paranormal activity!
We are a very trust worthy, dedicated and professional research team that uses some of the most up-to-date equipment available to us ,to help aide us on our investigations. We use equipment like DVR and IR cameras for Video, Wireless Audio and Digital Voice Recorders for Audio to name a few things that we use to document paranormal phenomena and experiences.
Our services are primarily: West Virginia and surrounding states. But, if you live out of the area dont hesitate to contact us, we will help you.
We do not use ouija boards nor do we do any seance's.

Digital Dowsing

Get new high-tech paranormal equipment here at Digital Dowsing thats extremely hard to find. This paranormal equipment inventor has had his products on tv shows like Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures.

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Live monday 9 pm E.S.T.

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Live on Monday Nights at 8 pm E.S.T.

Live Sunday 6-9pm E.S.T.


Webmaster: Jason Gerrard

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If you would like us to do an investigation for you then contact us by phone at.

Contact Jason Gerrard at: 304-625-1011

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