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Team Membership

1) Must be 18 years of age or older.
2) Must have a clean background history.
3) Must be available and reliable when called upon. (Exceptions: Family, Work, Illness) always come first.
4) Must have transportation, if its not available at the time, work something out with a team member to get a ride.
5) Must be willing to travel, this also includes staying in a hotel room during the weekday and or weekends. Everyone pitches in to drop the cost on everyone.
6) Must be a very serious and dedicated investigator.
7) Must try to attend the monthly meetings.
8) Must be able to attend any events or any other paranormal activities if called upon.
9) Experience is a plus, but not necessary.

*We are currently seeking 2 technical positions. You would be troubleshooting equipment problems, investigate, and review evidence. Must be willing to travel and be reliable.* Also will be taught how to built our equipment as well!!! This year will be an amazing year for the team!!
*We are currently seeking more investigator positions, must be reliable and willing to travel.*

Want to join us? Send us the E-Mail below!

Mountain State Spirit Seekers Society Application

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