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Built Equipment

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All of these IR Lights comes with the mounting bracket, some pictures are shown with them not on but they come with one. If you have any questions please contact us! Thanks for looking!! 

 *****We use SINGLE CHIP, TRIPLE CHIP, and 5 - CHIP IR Bulbs. A 10 bulb triple chip IR light is like having a 30 single chip IR LED. Its more powerful, 5 - chip is like a 50 single chip IR Light!*****

Do you have a certain IR Light in mind thats not showing here? If so contact us and we will custom make one or more for you. We've done this in the past. It helps us better understand what others might be looking for out of an IR Light. Tell us what you want and we will give you a quote!

Use PROMO CODE MS47% to get 7% off of your total order of $75.00 or more! (Google Checkout Only)


Single Chip - Is 1 IR eye in 1 bulb. ( This is decent power)
Triple Chip - Is 3 IR eye's in 1 bulb. ( This is pretty good power)
5 Chip - Is 5 IR eye's in 1 bulb. (This is superior power) These are expensive IR Bulbs.
Note: We use the largest size Infared Bulbs for the lights 10mm, unless it says otherwise.


M.S.S.S.S. Tech. Team modified this and added on/off toggle switch and added sound.  This here is for if you want us to add the on/off toggle switch and add sound to your K-ll Meter

K-2 Modification

This 16 bulb IR light. These are very powerful and amazing! Range is 55FT+. These are 10mm 45 degree viewing bulbs.

16 Bulb IR Light

This tool here is an electro static detector that picks up magnetic fields. If a charge comes near the box it lites up letting you know something has possibly come close to it. We are selling these in a package of 3.

This will get the job done to around 40ft+ out. This is a great IR light to have!

15 Bulb IR Light


 We made these extremely powerful. Wont be disappointed.

5 Bulb IR Light


This has a 180 degree viewing range to lite up everything on your camcorder or DVR camera. This truely has sheer power!

28 Bulb IR Light

This tool here picks up on audio and siesmic activity and it lights up the LED's when something is setting it off. You can get them to talk close to it to se it off. You can control the sensitivity to it. You can get spirits to manipulate it to make it go off. This is very sensitive. This is an interesting tool to have and play around with on an investigation.

This here is an EMF Creator. Im selling these in a pack of 3. Ive gotten the MEL meter close to it and it would read in around 40mG read out with as high as 150-190mG. It puts out a high power EMF field. With 3 of these together makes a very strong field. I use one of the top 4 strongest magnets on earth to create a heck of a field. We use the Neodymium Magnet.

 We made these extremely powerful. This IR can cover any corder in the Weston State Hospital without a single problem. This IR is the best one we make. The battery lasts longer and its very powerful. Wont be disappointed. These are 10mm 45 degree viewing bulbs. 
***An IR we made exactly like this for a team member, they took it to the Weston State Hospital in spring of 2011 and was blown away. The people in his group was lined up to purchase one like this. They were able to pick up the IR of this light and see better with their own night vision equipment. This is a great IR***

10 Bulb IR Light

This 10 IR 8mm 60 degree view angle LED lite is a wide angle lite and is meant to cover a room or smaller area and will lite everything up on your camcorder or dvr camera.

10 Bulb 8mm IR Light (Wide Angle)

This here is an Infrared Laser Tripwire. Its got a range of up to 13ft apart from the infrared emitter to the Photoresistor box. This comes with an 85db buzzer thats pretty loud when the IR beam is broken. This does have the ability to work in the dark since its Infrared.

This has amazing straight ahead light up ability. This is more for farthur out viewing. This will view over 60ft out.

28 Bulb IR Light

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