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Carolina Business Center

All Evidence From This Investigation


This EVP was captured on Jan. 12, 2008 at the Carolina Business Center. You hear an investigator say "Do You Want Us To Stay Here" and there is a pause until almost at the end of the clip and you hear "YES".

This EVP here was captured by one of our investigators on Jan. 12,2008 at the Carolina Business Center. It sounds like a males voice saying something but you can only hear like half of it. The half you do hear sounds like "I'm Just gonna".

This EVP was captured at the Carolina Business Center on Jan 12, 2008. You hear an investigator ask if it misses the coal mines and you hear what sounds like a males voice that says "Yeah".

At the end of the this clip it sounds like a males voice saying "Yes" when responding to a question.

This EVP here sounds like a males voice saying something, hard to make out.




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This was taken in January 2008 at the Carolina Business Center. This picture is unique, cause whatever that red ectoplasma is, its self emitting, if it was a flash from a camera it would have lit up everything in the picture and you would be able to see everything in the background better, so its tuff to really say, but its really interesting.

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