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Fairmont Home (WV)

All Evidence From This Investigation


During this investigation we had 7 rings in a row being produced that we didnt know where they came from.

You hear an investigator talking and in the background you hear a female voice speaking.

This EVP is unique cause you hear the teams medium say what she was being told which was "Not Now" and then about 2-3 seconds later you hear a female response say "Not Now".

The investigator was talking about the birthday of someone who passed away with the home owner and you hear a female's vocie in the background say "13".

This EVP here is easy to hear and understand, a females voice is saying "Hello Crystal".

At the end of this audio clip it sounds like a voice saying "Jim or Him".

You hear an investigator ask a question and you hear a response that sounds like its saying "Pete".

This is a really cool EVP one of the investigators had his earphones fooled with and blamed it on another investigator beside of him and when the investigation was done and we went over the evidence a few days later we captured a female voice saying "Yes" when asked if it was her that was playing with the headphones.

You hear a question being asked and then you hear a response by a female that says "No".

You hear a males voice in the background saying something thats hard to make out.

This EVP here sounds like its saying "Cassie".

This EVP here, you can hear a females voice say "Mow Grass".

You hear an investigator say he was going to take the vase home with him and you hear a female voice say "What".





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